Natalya Lyukevich, CPA, Owner of Vasona Accounting

Welcome to my website. 

Vasona Accounting is committed to providing exceptional quality service to every client.

I am a CPA with 10+ years of accounting experience working with startups, small and medium-sized businesses. I have designed and implemented accounting processes, integrated scalable accounting solutions, and prepared for financial audits, IPO, or M&A. I have a strong knowledge of full-cycle accounting, GAAP, R&D tax credit, multi-state payroll, international accounting, tax structure, corporate strategic planning, capital, and financial reporting. My network includes legal, finance, HR, banking, and valuation relationships.

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I often use QuickBooks Online together with many integrated applications. I work with companies located primarily in Silicon Valey; however, remote work is possible for a company at any location. 

I was born in Belarus and have been a resident in the San Francisco Bay Area for 20+ years. I take pride in my profession and work with integrity, respect, good judgment, and strong work ethics. 

I enjoy educating my clients along the way about the accounting rules and concepts. When a small business successfully grows and thrives, it is satisfying to know that it is partially due to my efforts, expertise, and dedication. I helped several companies reach the pre-IPO stage and post-acquisition. I take pride in the success of my clients. 

Please check what services I offer and let me know how I can help. Let's work together.

QuickBooks ProAdvisor